Field Trip Selection

   Yes, we have returned!!  We are back to offer our various programs. So, welcome! Sharing the farm experience with children is our specialty!  We are pleased to once again offer our field trip selections.  Field trips emphasize agricultural education, highlighting plant and earth science. Our program involves a series of hands-on activities that feature a choice of six stations that rotate every 20 to 30 minutes. The number of stations selected depends on the age of the children and the time that is available. Teachers choose what they feel is best.  ​

Appointments can be scheduled any time for all the seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. For the present we will conduct these trips on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays only. Fridays will, eventually become available. Visitors are welcome during fall break, winter vacation, spring break and the summer vacation months.  Family Saturdays will occur later as the farm continues its changes.
​Our walnut orchard continues to grow and grow along with the little grove of oaks. The hayride makes its rounds thru our walnut orchard. Remember to bring your lunches or snacks and enjoy picnicking in the walnut orchard.  There’s plenty of shade with a Delta breeze usually joining us!    

Information about Field Trips can be found here!

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